rnb 1-5y tournament

Date: you choose! (but round robin play must finish by Dec 15th for semis and final on Dec 17th)

Start time: you choose!  Free entry + Trophy for the Winner.

REGISTRATION CLOSES Sunday 1st for start Monday 9th Oct October.

We’re all time poor these days!

The Challenge is designed to allow newer bowlers to experience competitive bowling, without the pressures that may come with playing Championship and Interclub tournaments.


The Challenge is open to all Full Playing 1-5 Year members of Rocky Nook and everyone who enters simply plays every other entered player in a game of Handicapped Singles

Players agree the game times and dates between themselves- it can be at any time the RNB greens are available (even under lights if necessary!) that suits their availability- but participants will need to play a minimum of one, and potentially up to two, games per week each to complete The Challenge in a timely fashion.

Results and scores are sent to the Match Committee who will update the table and present the current situation weekly on the club website. Placings will be decided by wins, followed by points differential (points scored, including handicap, less points conceded, including handicap).


Games will be first to 21 but with adjusted handicaps. For instance, if a player who has a handicap of 6 plays someone with a handicap of 8, the player with an 8 handicap will start with 2 points. If two players have the same handicap both start on zero.

Winner of the end (or toss to start) places the jack.

Players must be prepared to commit to compete for the entire duration but the flexible playing schedule is intended to make competition as easy for players to accommodate as possible. The Challenge will start early October and games must be completed in time for a final to be staged before Christmas. This is a competition outside scheduled club competitions and does not replace any already on the Club calendar.

Semis and Final planned for Sunday 17th Dec.