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auckland 1-5 Interclub
16 March - 17 March 2024

The format of this event is each side will comprise six players - one singles, one Pairs team, and one Triples team - of any combination.

Qualifying is played on the 16th and then finals on the 17th if you make it as a team. Each team plays 3 full length games in qualifying i.e. the Pairs team plays three other Pairs teams from other clubs.

It's a great way to get to know your fellow club members and also improve your game. If you are keen to be considered please add your name to this list, along with your preferred format (singles, doubles or triples) You can select more than one and the team/s will be selected from this roster.

Coaching will be provided in advance and there will be experienced club members alongside so you don't need to have competed before or even know all the rules!