social bowls3five play


• Two bowl triples - two teams of 3 players each deliver two bowls per end. 

• The first two bowlers (Leads) for each team take turns to bowl their bowls, then the 2nds from each team alternately bowl their 2 bowls, then lastly the Skips.
   The same order each end.

• For Twilight Bowls3Five or interclub only one Full Playing Club Member per team. That person must not play as Skip.

• A game is two sets of five ends (10 ends in total).

• Each team gets 1x Powerplay end per game (for double points on a win). The Powerplay is to be nominated before the first bowl of that end and both teams may nominate the  same end for their Powerplay. No Powerplay permitted in the tie-breaker end.

• Toss (or paper/rock/scissors) to start, and the winner chooses which team bowls first. Winner of each end bowls first on the next end.

• The mat is always placed on the 2m mark but the jack can be placed anywhere along the opposite line between the 'T' marks (2m and 8m from the ditch)

• Bowls must end up on the rink - if they end up outside the rink line, or in the ditch, they’re removed to the bank.

• If a bowl touches the jack it's chalked, and if it then gets knocked into the ditch it remains in play.

• Jack knocked into the ditch on the rink is still live. The bowl that touched it is chalked, and if it then gets knocked into the ditch it remains in play and is also still live.

• Jack knocked outside the rink (left or right of the rink or over the face of the bank) is replaced on 2m, even on the last bowl of the end.

• Team with the closest bowl/s to the jack gets a point for every bowl closer than opposition.

Keeping it fun

• Teams are welcome to all stay at the mat end (no skips) but it’s easier to head off rogue bowls and advise on proximity to the jack if one team member is at the opposite end.


• Game = 3 points.

• Set = 1 point (0.5 for a drawn set)

• A draw after 2 sets goes to a tie-breaker 'golden end'.

Tournament (Twilight Bowls3Five / interclub) scoring

  • Scoring:
    • Game Points
      • Win – 3 game points / Loss – 0
  • Set points – these are not added to the game points, they exist in their own order.
    • 1 point for a set win / 0 for a loss / 0.5 for a draw
  • Tie break
    • No points or shots are recorded on a tie-break. The Tie-break end simply decides who is going to get the 3 game points.
  • If game points are drawn then we use sets differential. All set wins and draws are recorded.
  • If drawn on set differential we use shots differential.
  • It is the net set points that we order our table by then the shot differential.
  • If a team has a bye, it is scored as a win plus 2 sets plus a 6 differential. This is regardless of whether that team played against a fill-in team.

Got it? Good   :-)

Click here for the Conditions of Play for the Social Bowls3Five Interclub competition set out by Bowls Auckland.