The club is once again providing FREE coaching to all members- and registered Twilight Bowls3five teams- every Monday evening 6-7.30pm weather permitting until March 25th.

Registration is enouraged to not waste our coaches' time if no one requires coaching that week!

The success of our bowlers in recent interclub tournaments has shown what a difference coaching makes and we're lucky to once again have experienced- and even international- coachs at the club.

"I liked the approach and using the videos to just say don't over-think things. Just follow this repeatable process so you don't get bad habits.The takeaway I had was around the importance of the approach to the mat and placing your foot in the same place on the mat each time and there is no need for a large stride when releasing the bowl."


I've taken part any many sessions and really enjoyed the opportunity to drill down in to understanding and practicing one particular shot. Just one correction to my game has mad e huge difference to my consistency. And here are what some of the other participants said...

"Enjoyed hearing about the strategies around bowling to displaced jacks and driving vs rattling the head pros and cons.
Also felt Leon provided a good mix of discussion/explaining things and actual playing. Evie enjoyed the different drills"

- Richard and Evie

"Learnings from last night: It’s not about getting the every bowl closest to the Jack! Practicing getting bowl closest when others are in the way."
- Teresa

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, especially if you hope to be more competitive on the greens this season. Here's a peek at what the evenings look...


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